Saturday, October 30, 2010

DPS Pinjore Annual Function

by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
The beautifully decorated pristine premises of Delhi Public School Pinjore were abuzz with activities as the enthusiastic dipsites celebrated their Annual Function. The mood was festive and upbeat.
 Haryana Cabinet Minister Paramveer Singh was the chief guest and gave an auspicious beginning to the programme by lighting the ceremonial lamp which was followed by Ganesh Stuti and Laxmi Vandana.
Principal Samson Masih then formally welcomed the distinguished guests and presented the annual report.
'The theme for the Annual Function 'Confidence to Exce'l based on the theory of multiple intelligences conveyed the message that every child is born with his uniqueness which needs to be identified and provided the right platform and environment to bloom.
His uniqueness, if permitted to become his strength, can make him happy and satisfied living every moment of life to the hilt. It is the paramount duty of every educational institution to encourage students to take up chosen areas of their interest so that they can excel in their respective selected fields taking every challenge with confidence.
Delhi Public School, Pinjore understands  the need to change the mindsets. Doctors, engineers and lawyers are not the only professions to choose from in the 21st century. Globalization and technical advancement have opened new avenues for the youngsters. The off-beat careers have great potential to lead a successful life.
This theme was presented with the help of different art forms- singing, dance, tableau, sports, prop dance, toys dance to name a few. A 100 per cent participation by tiny tots of pre nursery to the senior children till class XII in various items, dressed in their colourful best, left the audience spell bound and mesmerized.
Besides the cultural bonanza, this years scholars were honored in a prize distribution ceremony, which served as a break.
The chief guest along with the other dignitaries also released DPS Window , The School Magazine.
In his address to the august gathering the Mr Paramveer Singhc ongratulated the participants and wished that they be able to pursue their dreams since they are in the rights at DPS Pinjore.
Mr. Amol Arora, Director Admissions, DPS Pinjore, also congratulated the DPS Family Pinjore for understanding the need of the times and selecting the most appropriate theme for the function. He praised the participants who put this idea across beautifully following the niches of various forms of expression.
The programme concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by the coordinator, Dr. Kiran Prabhakar

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vikas Punia and Sonia claim gold in thorw events in Haryana State Games

by Haryananewswire (Balbir)

Vikas Punia of Bhiwani released the disc to a distance of 55.30 metres to win gold medal in men’s discus throw event in the Haryana State Games here today. His teammate Vikas got silver as his throw was measured 50.25 metres. Sonia of Rohtak threw the iron ball to a distance o 12.75 metres for gold medal for women. Rinku, also of Rohtak finished a close second with 12.75 metres.
Results: Athletics (Men): Discus: 1. Vikas Punia (Bhiwani) 55.30 m, 2. Vikas (Bhiwani) 50.25 m, 3. Lakhwinder (Ambala) 46.56 m. High Jump: 1. Pradeep Kumar (Panchkula) 2.03 m, 2. Shikander (Bhiwani) 1.95 m, 3. Sandeep (Hisar) 1.95 m. Women: High jump: 1. Reena (Haryana Police) 1.66 m, 2. Arti (Shah Satnam Sirsa) 1.60 m, 3. Neeraj (Kurukshetra) 1.45 m. Javelin: 1. Promila (Haryana Police) 47.62 m, 2. Gurpreet (Shah Satnam Sirsa) 41.50 m, 3. Poonam (Fatehbad) 25.86 m. Shot Put: 1. Sonia (Rohtak) 12.75 m, 2. Rinku (Rohtak) 12.70 m, 3. Sushila (Panchkula) 10.90 m.
Seema of Rohtak (57 kg), Nidhi of Gurgaon (63 kg), Rekha of Shah Satnam, Sirsa (78 kg) bagged gold medals in their respective categories in the judo competitions for women. Manjeet of Rohtak (73 kg), Virender of Rohtak (90 kg) and Karanbir of Mahendergarh (100 kg) claimed gold in their respective classes in the men’s section.
Judo: (Women): 57 kg. 1. Seema (Hisar), 2. Suman (Rohtak), 3. Veena (Sirsa) and Ramandeep (Shah Satnam, Sirsa). 63 kg: 1. Nidhi (Gurgaon), 2. Meena (H.A.P.), 3. Anjali (Hisar) and Sarawjeet (Sirsa). 70 kg: 1. Ritu (Shah Satnam, Sirsa), 2. Savita (H.A.P.), 3. Samiksha (Hisar) and Deepika (Gurgaon). 78 kg 1. Rekha (Shah Satnam, Sirsa) 2. Sushma (Sonepat) 3. Priyanka (Hisar) and Ritu (Rohtak). Men: 73 kg: 1. Manjeet (Rohtak), 2. Ramrattan (Hisar), 3. Rakesh (Sonepat) and Sokti (Haryana Police). 81 kg: 1. Ramesh (Haryana Police), 2. Joginder (Kaithal) 3. Sandeep (Jhajjar) and Sukhwinder (Sonepat). 90 kg: 1. Virender (Rohtak), 2. Rahul (Shah Satnam Sirsa), 3. Somveer (Jhajjar) and Naveen (Hisar). 100 kg: 1. Karanbir (Mahendergarh), 2. Prikshit (Rohtak), 3. Anil (H.A.P.) and Rajender (Sah Satnam Sirsa).
Weighilifting (Men): 56 kg: 1. Manipal (Rohtak), 2. Vikas (Bhiwani), 3. Aajay Kumar (Bhiwani). 62 kg: 1. Rajesh (Bhiwani), 2. Surender (Rohtak), 3. Dinesh (Jhajjar).
Taekwondo (Girls)- 46 kg. – 1. Kiran (Sonepat) 2. Kajal (Yamunanagar) 3. Prerna (Ambala) and Simran (Panipat), 46 to 49 kg. – 1. Soniya Verma (Panipat) 2. Sukriti (Yamunanagar) 3. Rashmi (Rewari) and Manju Sonepat), 49 to 53 kg. – 1. Jayati (Yamunanagar) 2. Rakhi (Panipat) 3. Renu (Faridabad) and Anil (Sirsa).
Fencing Final – Epee (Women Team) – 1. Panipat 2. Panchkula 3. Yamuna Nagar and Palwal, Sobre (Women Team) – 1. Karnal 2. Jind 3. Yamuna Nagar and Panchkula.
Karate Do Men Final – 44 Kg. – 1. Gagan Virk (Kurukshetra) 2. Naveen Kumar (Kaithal) 3. Mohit (Fatehbad) and Subhash (Hisar).
Badminton Semifinal (Women) – Panchkula bt Gurgaon 2-0, Faridabad bt Sonepat 2-0, (Men) – Sonepat bt Gurgaon 2-0, Panchkula bt Bhiwani 2.0.
Rollar Hockey (Q-Final) Men – Kurukshetra bt Panipat 10-0, Yamuna Nagar draw Karnal 1-1, Kurukshetra bt Panipat 8-2, Faridabad bt Karnal 7-1, Faridabad bt Karnal 1-0, Panipat bt Panchkula 7-3. Women – Sirsa (Sah Satnam Sirsa) bt Hisar 6-0, Yamuna Nagar bt Hisar 4-3, Sirsa (Sah Satnam Sirsa) bt Yamuna Nagar 7-0.
Koh-Koh (Men)- Kaithal bt Karnal 18-14, Rohtak bt Sonepat 13-12, Women – Hisar bt Fatehbad 8-7, Bhiwani bt Faridabad 12-6.
Chess (Men) – Faridabad first after second round with 7-1/2 points, Gurgaon second with 6 points and Rohtak third with 6 points. Women- After second round Sonipat with 8 points, Faridabad 8 points Rohtak & Gurgaon 6 point each.
Net Ball (Women) Leauge Matches – Sonepat bt Rohtak 22-19, Jhajjar bt Faridabad 20-17, Sirsa bt Bhiwani 30-15, Karnal bt Yamuna Nagar 15-13, Sonepat draw Sirsa 18-18, Jhajjar draw Karnal 17-17. Men – Rohtak bt Fatehbad 20-15, Sonepat bt Bhiwani 28-24, Panipat draw Jhajjar 22-22 and Karnal bt Yamuna Nagar 31-26.
Boxing (Men) – 56 to 60 kg – Deepak (Karnal) bt Krishan (Rewari), 49 to 52 kg. – Keemat (Karnal) bt Bharat (Mewat) and Naveen (Yamuna Nagar) bt Azad Babu (Faridabad). 52 to 56 kg- Sunil (Kaithal) bt Rahul (Faridabad), Manoj (Mewat) bt Himanshu (Rewari), Devinder (Gurgaon) bt Parduman (Sirsa), Yogesh Nain (Fatehbad) bt Manoj (Ambala), Dharambir (Karnal) bt Naveen (Rai), Rohit (Hisar) bt Mohan Rana (Panchkula), Pawan (Bhiwani) bt Sandeep (Haryana Police), Ashish Singh (Rohtak) bt Umesh (Palwal). 56 to 60 kg. – Bhuwan (Yamuna Nagar) bt Sachin (Rai), Balwinder (Haryana Police) bt Rohit (Ambala), Sahil Jaeswal (Panchkula) bt Kuldeep Singh (Sirsa), Karamvir (Hisar) bt Vikas Khatri (Rohtak), Inder (Faridabad) bt Ajmer (Gurgaon), Sandeep Dhull (Kaithal) bt Gurdeep (Fatehbad), Surender (Bhiwani) bt Nitesh (Mewat), Ravinder (Jind) bt Deepak (Karnal).
Kabaddi National Style (Men) – Jhajjar bt Faridabad 42-37, Haryana Police bt Sonepat 31-27, Bhiwani bt Rohtak 22-19. Women – Haryana Police bt Fatehbad 33-03, Bhiwani bt Panipat 41-13, Kurukshetra bt Faridabad 45-21
Circle Kabaddi (Men) – Faridabd bt Kaithal 35-19, Sonepat bt Jind 32-19. Women – Jhajjar bt Jind 37-28, Kurukshetra bt Sonepat 25-14.
Basketball (Men)- Haryana Police bt Palwal 79-34, Rohtak bt Panchkula 62-24, Sonepat bt Kaithal 70-51. Women – Rohtak bt Faridabad 41-15, Haryana Police bt Sonepat 48-31, Kurukshetra bt Jhajjar 32-12.

Pulkit and Shivani clinch four swim gold each

by Haryananewswire (Balbir)

Haryana Police clinched the women's wrestling championship with 20 points in the 24th Haryana State Games here today. Rohtak had to be content with runners-up position with 15 points while Jind finished third with 12 points.
Pulkit of Sirsa and Shivani Kataria of Gurgaon se the swimming pool ablaze with their sterling performance by winning four gold medals each in the men's and women's secctions, respectivly.
Pulkit of Sirsa swam to glory by winning first position in 200 metres freestyle for men by clocking 2:11.11. Vinay of Jind got silver in 2:13.11 and Nikhil Rana of Gurgaon won bronze 2:21.4. In the women's 200 metres freestyle, Shivani Kataria of Gurgaon emerged winneer clocking 2:22.85, Amirit Pal of Sirsa got bronze in 2:58.52. Puneet of Sirsa finished third with 2:58.65.
Gurdeep of Gurgaon clocked 2:35.31 to win 200 netres backstroke of men. Vinay of Jind got silver with 2:40.56 and Sumit of Jind finished third in 2:46.48.
In 200 metres backstroke for women, Shalu of Gurgaon emerged winner by clocking 3:08.50 time while Approva of Rai got second place in 3:17.38. Gurjeet of Sirsa was third in 3:19:23.
Pulkit of Sirsa completed a golden double as he clocked 2:27.85 in the men's 200 metres individual medal relay. Sumit Dalal of Jind settled for bronze by clocking 2:31.50. Gurdeep of Gurgaon finished third in 2:34.31.
The top hoour in the women section in this event was claimed by Shivani of Gurgaon who clocked 2:46.73. It was second gold for Shivani. Shalu of Gurgaon remained second with 2:50.45 while Apoorva of Rai finished third in 3:16.30.
In 100 metres butterfly for menVikas of Jind emerged winner in1:06.00 . Sachin of Haryana Police got second place in 1:07.41 and Yogesh of Sirsa was third with 1:08.15.
In women's 100 metres butterfly, Divya of Faridabad clocked 1:20.8 7for gold. Anveksha of Gurgaon got second place with 1:31.42 while Sweta of Rai finished third in 1:37.28.
Maintaining his supremacy Punkit of Sirsa clinched his third gold as he won effortless won the 100 metres freestyle event for men. He clocked 58.65 seconds. Sumit Dalal of Jind won second place with :59.61. Vinay of Jind finished third with 01:00.64. In the women's 100 metres freestyle event for women, Shivani of Gurgaon emerged winner clocking 1:06.06 for her third gold. Amrit Pal of Sirsa was second as she clockd 1:18.16 and Puneet Pal of Sirsa got third place in 1:19.63 time..
In 50 metres backstroke for men, Sumit of Jind got first place clocking 31:3.8.Gurdeep of Gurgaon remained second with 32:90 and Amarkant of Haryana Police finished third with 33:60. In the women category in this event Divya of Faridabad emerged winner clocking 38.24. Approva of Rai remained second with 41.50 and Rachna of Rai finished third with 42.00.
Pulkit of Sirsa struck yet another gold, his fourth by winning first position in 50 butterfly as he clocked 28.24 seconds, Vishal of Sirsa remained second with 28.81 seconds. Abhimanyu of Rohtak finished third with 29.18. In the women's 50 metres butterfly final, Shivani of Gurgaon got first place byclocking 32.68. Divya of Faridabad remained second with33.6 3 and Approva of Rai finished third with 37.61 seconds.
Other results: Handball (Quarter-finals) Men)- Sirsa bt Jhajjar 32-17, HAP bt Rohtak 33-31, Jind bt Faridabad 26-24, Hisar bt Kaithal 24-17. Women: Hisar bt Kurukshetra 10-5, Jind bt Sirsa 15-5, Bhiwani bt Kaithal 15-6 and Panipat bt Shah Satnam Sirsa 20-13.
Tennis (Quarter-final, men): Yamunanagar bt Sonepat 2-0 (Resham bt Amit by 8-0, Rohit bt Ajay by 8-4); Bhiwani bt Faridabad 2-1 (Bharat bt Anuj by 8-0, Vijay lost Maninder 1-8,1, Bharat-Vijay bt Maninder-Anuj by 8-5); Panchkula bt Rohtak 2-1 (Uttam bt Himanshu 8-0, Sanchit lost Harish 4-8, Uttam-Sanchit bt Harsh-Mahary 8-3). HSIIDC bt Jind 2-0 (Yogesh bt Amardeep 8-3, Vijayant bt Sunil 8-0).
Wrestling: Women: 48 kg: 1 Sudesh (Rohtak), 2 Pooja (Hisar), 3 Poonam (Fatehbad). 51 kg: 1 Neha Rathi (Haryana Police), 2 Sumesh (Rohtak), 3 Kavita (Jind). 55 kg: 1 Saroj (Haryana Police), 2 Bhatri (Sonepat), 3 Mukesh (Rohtak). 63 kg: 1 Promila (Haryana Police), 2 Kiran (Hisar), 3 Bharti (Jind). 59 kg: 1 Shiksha (Sonipat), 2 Jyoti (Jind), 3 Sana (Hisar). 67 kg: 1 Manjeet (Rohtak), 2 Santa (Sonepat), 3 Sunil (Haryana Police). 72 kg: 1 Pinki (Jind), 2 Monika (Haryana Police), 3 Dimpy.

Facile wins for JP World, Vivekanand Millennium

by (Balbir)PINJORE (HARYANA), OCT 23
J.P. World School, Jammu began their campaign with an impressive 4-0 triumph over Alpine School of Pinjore in the inaugural group A match of the CBSE Cluster XIII Football Tournament at St. Vivekananad Millennium School HMT Township here today.
The highlight of the match was a fine performance by Amir Hussiain who scored three goals. Faisal Aziz contributed one goal to complete the winners’ tally.
In another Group A outing, hosts St. Vivekanand Millennium School drubed Jainendra Public School, Panchkula by 3-0. Kartik, Bhavuk and Suraj were the goal scorers.
Delhi Public School of Chandigarh blanked Pandit Mohan S.D Public School, Chandigarh by 3-0. Subham scored two goals and Aditya scored one.
Vivek International School, Baddi eked a solitary goal against Eklavya Model Residential School, Nichar. Rishab Kalia scored the match-winner.
In Group B fixture, Sophia Convent School, Kalka beat Eicher School, Parwannoo by 2-1. Simranjeet and Sagar scored one goal each for the winners.
K.C. International School, Jammu beat Army Public School, Chandimandir by 3-1. Jayant Sharma, Yudhir, Aman scored one goal each for the winning team.
Satluj Public School, Panchkula proved too good for Laureate Public School, Shimla whom they beat by 3-0. Dikshit Sirkeck, Prakash Dadhwal and Ankit Chaudhary scored goals for the winning team.
Earlier, Mr. R.J. Khanderao, Regional Officer, CBSE, Panchkula inaugurated the tournament. Mrs. Usha Bali welcomed the chief guest.
Lush green fields, jaw dropping football squad, breathtaking extravaganza and scintillating Haryanvi dance marked the opening ceremony.
Besides Flg. Off. Piyush Punj, President, SMC among the dignitaries who graced the ceremony were School Director Mrs. Kamal Rai, members of SMC, Principals of different schools, HMT Officials, Managers and coaches of different schools and CBSE Observer Dr. Amrinder Singh Mann.

Friday, October 22, 2010

CM Hooda inaugurates Haryana State Games

by Haryananewswire (Balbir)

Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda today inaugurated the four-day long 24th Haryana State Games amidst a riot of colour in Faridabad. As many as 2872 men and 2524 women players representing 21 districts and five other teams are participating in 29 sports disciplines.
Addressing the players, the Chief Minister announced a grant of Rs 25 lakh to the Haryana Olympic Association (HOA).
Earlier while talking to media persons at the Sports Complex, he said that the real credit of bringing glory to the state and the nation in the Commonwealth Games (CWG) goes to the players as the government and the Haryana Olympic Association could only provide assistance and other support.
Mr Hooda said that the state of Haryana is known as a state of farmers and soldiers. The players from the state performed in both fields as they won medals in wrestling and boxing, which are the games of power and strength and the farmers have plenty of them. Nine wrestlers and boxers had won nine gold medals for the country in CWG. Similarly the Haryana shootooters won nine gold medals in the New Delhi Commonwealth Games.
Mr. Hooda expressed hope that the players from Haryana would also perform well in the coming Asian Games and next Olympic Games.
Haryana Power Minister Mr Mahender Pratap Singh, Revenue Minister Mr Shiv Charan Lal Sharma, HOA President Mr PV Rathee, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Mr Chhattar Singh, Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Mr Shiv Raman Gaur, Political Adviser to Chief Minister Prof. Virender Singh, Media Adviser to Chief Minister, Mr Sunder Pal Singh, Haryana Basket Ball Association President Mr Ravinder Singh Hooda, MLAs Mr Anand Kaushik, Mr Raghubir Singh Tewatia, Former MP Mr Jai Parkash, Mayor Ashok Arora, District Congress president Mr B.R. Ojha, Director Sports Mr OP Singh and number of senior leaders and officers were present on the occasion.
CWG medalist Anisha Sayyad, Anuraj Singh, Deepak Sharma, Nirmala, Suman Kundu and number of international players were also present at the inaugural function.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

6200 to take part in Haryana State Games

by Haryanawirenews (Balbir)
As many as 6,2OO players and technical officials in 29 sports disciplines would participate in four- day 24th Haryana State Games, said Haryana Olympic Association (HOA) president P.V. Rathee while addressing a press conference at Faridabad today. Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda would the Games on Friday.
Competitions in athletics, basketball, gymnastic, handball, judo, kabaddi (National), kabaddi (Circle), kho kho, lawn-tennis, roller skating, swimming, table tennis, triathlon and volleyball would be conducted at Sports Complex, Sector 12 Faridabad. Archery, boxing, chess, football, karate, netball, tekwondo, throw ball, weightlifting and wushu would be played at Nahar Singh Stadium, NIT. Badminton and wrestling matches would be conducted at NIT-3 Sports Complex and Fencing at 13 Panth Bhawan, Sector 10 Faridabad. Hockey and ten pin bowling would be conducted in Gurgaon.

HOA President said that some international players including the CWG gold medal winner Krishna Poonia had already confirmed their participation and we have made suitable changes in sports schedule as per their convenience.
Our small state with just 2 per cent population had won maximum number of medals in CWG. The people’s support during the welcome of Queen’s Baton has endorsed the sports policy of the state government, he added.
"Our next target is Olympic Games", HOA president said. He said that Asian Games would be bit tough as the competition is stiffer. He said that shooting would be included in next state games.
HOA General Secretary Mr Narender Hooda, Media Adviser to Chief Minister Mr Sunder Pal Singh, OSD to Chief Minister & Haryana Basket Ball Association president Mr Ravinder Singh, District Olympic Association president & Deputy Commissioner Dr Pravin Kumar were also present on the occasion.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

St Teresa Convent excel in Rajiv Gandhi Memorial

by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
A 16-member team of St. Teresa Convent School, Sector 25, Panchkula claimed five gold, three silver and four bronze medals in the recently concljuded Ist Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior Boys/Girls SQAY Championship in Kurukshetra.

The meet was organised byy SQAY Association of Kurukeshtra under the auspices of SQAY Association of Haryana. More than 300 participants from various districts participated in the championship. The overall trophy went to the Panchkula. Boys and best player in District goes to Shivani of St. Teresa Convent School bagged the best player's award. Ramlal Bhatt (President of SQAY Association of Kurukeshtra) was the chief guest and distributed the prizes.

The medal winners for St Convent School were Boys Manik (gold), Vaibhav (gold), Parveen:(silver), Sahil Chaudhary (bronze), Mukul (bronze), Rajveer (bronze).

Girls: Shiwani (gold), Tanya (gold), Aarzoo (gold), Vimmi (silver), Pallvi (silver) and Poonam (bronze).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maruti cars for Haryana medalists in CWG

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)

All the medal winners of Commonwealth Games, hailing from Haryana will get Maruti Cars.
     While keeping in view Maruti Udyog’s long association with Haryana, the Chief Minister Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda took up the matter with MUL Management in Japan which agreed to the proposal of Mr Hooda. The keys of the new cars would be handed over to the players by Mr Hooda at a state level function being organized on Haryana Day, November 1 at Sonepat.
       The 15 gold medalist players from Haryana and two other players Ms Saina Nehwal and Mr Sushil Kumar having close connection with Haryana would also be given Maruti SX4. Seven silver medalist players would be given Maruti Dzire and eight bronze medalists from the State of Haryana would be given WagonR cars.
          The Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda has thanked the MUL for its sports and state friendly gesture of honouring the players. The Haryana Government is honouring all the gold medalist players from Haryana with cash awards of Rs 15 lakh, silver medalists would be given Rs ten lakh and bronze medalists from Haryana would be honoured with Rs five lakh each. This would amount to about Rs. Four crore.
       As many as 54 players from the State had represented the country in the just concluded Commonwealth Games and had won 17 gold, seven silver and eight bronze medals for the country.

Kanda sees no Chautalas' hand in Haryana players' achievements

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
Haryana Sports Minister Gopal Kanda has criticised the Indian National Lok Dal's attempts to take false credit of the players achievement and politicise the sports achievements of the state.
  While attacking the previous INLD Government, Mr. Kanda said that the Chautala Government had only one achievement of installing the then Chief Minister’s son Mr. Abhey Chautala as the Haryana Olympic Association (HOA) president for the rest of his life. It was against all norms and rich traditions and in the Olympic history no such parallel is found anywhere else in the world, he further added, which was later put aside by the court.  The people are well aware about the performance of the INLD government, which had only one agenda to promote the Chautala family and its political agendas.
         If their policies and leadership was so good then why the Haryana sportspersons could not perform during their regime, Mr. Kanda asked the opposition parties. The performance of state during their government was rather ordinary or dismal but in the present Commonwealth Games and the previous Olympic Games the Haryana players excelled and brought glory for the state and the country, he further added.
      Mr Kanda today said that the opposition should have behaved responsibly and congratulated the players and the people of state rather than claiming it as their own achievements. He said that the whole country has commended the Haryana for its achievements and number of initiatives taken to promote the sports in the state. Even the medal winning players of other states have asked their own state governments to emulate the Haryana model and its sports policies, he added.
 The Haryana Sports Minister said that our sportspersons had always been quite talented but they could not bring such good results earlier because the earlier government could not enthuse the players and provide them a sports friendly atmosphere.  He said that Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda led state government had formulated a new sports policy.
While commending the players for their sterling performances, Mr Kanda said that the state government spotted the talented players, who were groomed with providing them the infrastructure and other incentives. The assurance of bright future for the good players had been another hallmark of the new policy, which paved way for the development of sports.
Mr Kanda said that the opposition should still mend its ways and adopt constructive approach. He called upon the people to participate in large numbers for welcoming the medal winners’ players from Haryana and their coaches in the just concluded Commonwealth Games at the state level function being organized on the occasion of Haryana Day on November 1 at Sonipat. The players of State bagging gold, silver and bronze medals would be rewarded with cash prize of Rs.15 lakh, Rs.10 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh respectively and their coaches with cash awards of Rs. 3 lakh, Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 1 lakh, respectively.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interview for recruitment of constables from Oct 18

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
The interviews for recruitment of constables (General Duty) Haryana Police will commence from October 18, 2010 at Police Line, Kurukshetra.
     While giving this information today, a spokesman of the Police Department said that interview for general category candidates from roll number 1 to 400 would be conducted on October 18, from roll number 401 to 750 on October 19, from roll number 751 to 1000 on October 20, from 1001 to 1420 on October 21, from 1421 to 1750 on October 25, from 1751 to 2200, from 2201 to 2500 on October 27 and from roll number 2501 to 3000 on October 28, 2010.
        He said that similarly, interviews for candidates having roll number from 3001 to 3350 would be held on November 2, 2010, from roll number 3351 to 3700 on November 3, from 3701 to 4000 on November 4, from 4001 to 4400 on November 8, from 4401 to 4800 on November 9, from 4801 to 5120 on November 10, from 5121 to 5510 on November 11, from 5511 to 5810 on November 15, from 5811 to 6200 on November 16, from 6201 to 6650 on November 18, from 6651 to 7400 on November 19, from 7401 to 8500 on November 19, from 8501 to 9300 on November 23 and from from roll number 9301 to 9797 on November 24, 2010. He said that interview for these posts would commence at 9 a.m.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New norms for opening school in Haryana

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
The Haryana Government has revised norms for opening or up-gradation of schools in the State.
    Education Minister Geeta Bhukkal said here today that as per new norms, 0.5 acres of land in rural areas and 0.25 acres of land in urban areas and five classrooms, besides an enrollment of at least 25 students was required for opening of a branch primary school. Similarly, for opening of a primary school, 0.5 acres of land, five classrooms and an enrollment of 150-300 students was required. The distance from the nearest primary school should be one km.
  She said that for up-gradation of primary school to middle school, one acre of land and eight classrooms (at least one room per section) were required and there should be 150 students from Ist to Vth class and at least 25 students studying in class Vth for the last two years and if there was more than one primary school in a village, one of the schools having maximum number of students and maximum infrastructure would be upgraded. The distance from the nearest middle school should be two kms.
          For up-gradation of middle school to senior secondary level, two acres of land and 14 classrooms (at least one room per section) were required and there should be at least 210 students in classes VIth to VIIIth and at least 70 students should be in class VIIIth for the last two years for starting IXth and Xth classes. In a radius of five kms, one of the middle schools having highest students strength, adequate infrastructure and easy accessibility would be upgraded to senior secondary stage. The distance from the nearest senior secondary school should be five kms, she added.
          Mrs.Bhukkal said that for up-gradation of high school to senior secondary level, two acres of land and 14 classrooms (at least one room per section) were required and there should be at least 150 students in class IXth and Xth as per record of Board of School Education, Haryana. In a radius of five kms, one of the high schools having highest students strength, adequate infrastructure and easy accessibility would be upgraded to senior secondary stage. The distance from the nearest senior secondary school should be five kms.
          The Minister said that in addition to it, all schools should have facilities of adequate playgrounds, ramp for barrier free access at each level, separate toilets for boys and girls, provision for drinking water, dual desks for at least half the student strength, fire fighting equipments, rain water harvesting structures, electricity and boundary walls for opening or up-gradation.

Councelling of JBT candidates postponed

 by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
The counselling of JBT candidates fixed for  October 13 and 14 in SCERT Gurgaon  has been postponed till further orders. The new dates of counselling of these candidates will be announced later on.
      This was stated here today by the Director of Elementary Education Haryana Mr Pankaj Yadav. He said that the counselling for JBT admissions  was going on in State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) Gurgaon and it was to be continued on   October 13 and 14 also. But due to unavoidable circumstances, the counselling for  October 13 and 14 has been postponed. The dates for counselling of the candidates , whose counselling was fixed on these two days, will be announced later on.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Peons to work as chowkidars also in Haryana

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
   Now peons in Haryana could be assigned the duties of chowkidars during the period when chowkidar is away from the office for a couple of days either on leave or due to some other reason.
  Haryana Chief Secretary Urvashi Gulati has asked all the Heads of the Departments, Deputy Commissioners and Managing Directors of the Boards, Corporations and Public Undertaking in the State to corporate a clause in the appointment letters of the peons that in case of exigency, the duties of chowkidars would be assigned to peon as a part of stop gap arrangement during the period when chowkidar is away from the office.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

CL DAV lift Clive Shear Cricket Trophy

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by (Balbir)

Chaman Lal DAV School of Panchkula defeated Delhi Public School, Pinjore by eight wickets in the final of the second Clive Shear Six-A-Side Cricket Tournament organized by St Xavier’s School, Panchkula, at the Tau Devi Lal Sports Complex in Sector 3 here
All-rounder Dinesh was responsible for CL DAV’s comfortable victory. He topscored with 32 as CL DAV replied with 76 for 2 in reply to DPS PInjore’s 71 for 3. He also bagged 2 for 20. Dinesh was adjudged the best player of the tournament.
Brief scores: DPS Pinjore: 71 for 3 (Anurag 32, Dinesh 2 for 20). CL DAV Panchkula: 76 for 2 (Dinesh 32, Rajat 2 for 20).
Brief scores (semi-finals): St Xavier, Panchkula: 50 for 5 (Alish Dogra 25, Rajat 3 for 15) beat DPS Pinjore: 55 for 2 (Vansh 30, Akshay 2 for 20) eight wickets.
CL DAV Panchkula: score 65 for 2 (Jaiih 31, Nipun 2 for 25) beat Saupin’s Chandigarh: 59 for 3 (Rohan 31, Dinesh 2 for 15) by seven wickets.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Haryana to honour Commonwealth Games medal winners with cash awards

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
  Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda today announced that Haryana’s medal winners and their coaches in the ongoing Commonwealth Games would be honoured at a public function. The Government would disburse cash awards to them for bringing glory to the state and the country. Mr Hooda announced this while talking to media persons at Panchkula today.
Mr Hooda said that Haryana Government would give cash award of Rs 3  lakh, Rs 2 lakh and Rs 1 lakh to the Haryana coaches of gold, silver and bronze medallists, respectively.  The state players winning gold, silver and bronze medals would be faciliated with cash awards of Rs 15 lakh, 10 lakh and 5 lakh, respectively.
While replying to a question regarding sterling performance of Haryana players on winning seven gold medals in Commonwealth Games, Mr Hooda said that it was a matter of great pleasure that the players have brought glory for the state and the country. He said that Haryana players  have contributed seven gold medals out of  14 India have won  so far.
Five wrestlers of Haryana, namely  Gita,  Ravinder Singh,  Sanjay Kumar,  Rajinder and  Anil Kumar bagged one gold in their respective category.  Shooter from Faridabad Anisha Sayyed brought laurels  by winning two gold medals.  Deepak, Nirmala Devi, Suman Kundu, Dharminder Dalal have won silver and bronze medals. Woman wrestlers Babita and Anita are in finals of 51 kg and 67 kg category.
The Haryana CM was confident that more Haryana players would win many  as 50 players are representing the country in 13 sports disciplines. Seven boxers namely  Bijender, Akhil Kumar, Jai Bhagwan, Manoj, Dilbag, Dinesh and Paramjit Samota; discus thrower Seema Antil; wrestlers Anil and Yogeshwar Dutt are also considered potential medal winners.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Govt to felicitate Haryana medal winners in CWG

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
Haryana Minister of State for Sports and Youth Affiars  Gopal Kanda today said that a special function would be organized to honour those players who have won medals in the Commonwealth Games.
  While congratulating the medal winners,  Kanda said that state sports policy has shown fruitful results as the players have kept the national flag flying high in Commonwealth Games. He said that Indian players had bagged two dozen medals in the games and maximum players hail from Haryana. He congratulated gold medal winners of Haryana Ravinder Singh, Sanjay Kumar, Anil Kumar, Rajinder Kumar, all wrestlers and Anisha Sayyad, shooter. He also congratulated the silver and bronze medal winners.
          The Minister said that state Government had already announced cash award of Rs.15 lakh, Rs.10 lakh and Rs. five lakh for those players who would bag gold, silver and bronze medals respectively in these Games.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Deepender Hooda congratulates Haryana medal winners

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)

 Mr Deepender Singh Hooda, Member of Parliament from Rohtak and president of Haryana Football Association has congratulated the state sportspersons on winning five gold medals in the ongoing 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.
        He said Haryana wrestlers Ravinder Singh, Sanjay Kumar and Anil Kumar and shooter Anisha Sayyed had won gold medals yesterday. Shooter Anisha Sayyed won laurels for Haryana by winning one more gold today.
        Expressing his good wishes for Indian players, particularly belonging to Haryana, Mr Hooda said that the sons of Haryana would win maximum number of medals in the Commonwealth Games. Despites being a small State and having only two per cent of the total population of the country, 50 sportspersons of Haryana were representing the country in 17 games. 
        Mr Deepender Hooda said that the State Government had created a favourable atmosphere for  sport.  The incentives given by the Government had brought the hidden talent of the youth of the country and those of Haryana to the fore. 
        Mr Hooda said nine players in the Indian women hockey team, four players in the men’s hockey team, seven pugilists in the boxing team, five wrestlers in the women wrestling team, two players in freestyle wrestling, six players in Greco Roman wrestling, two players in shooting team, three players in cycling team, two players in women netball team, two players in Para-Olympics team, one swimmer, two women athletes, seven men athletes are from Haryana, who would bring fame for the country.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Haryana Yoga in Kurukshetra from October 8

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)

The 26th Haryana State Yoga Championships will be organized by the District Yoga Association and District Olympic Associations, Kurukshetra under the auspices of Haryana State Yoga Association from  October 8  to 10  at Gita Niketan Awasiya Vidyalaya, Salarpur Road, Kurukshetra according to Ashok Kumar Aggarwal, Secretary General, Haryana State Yoga Association.
 The competitions will be held in the age groups of 8-12, 12-17, 17-21, 21-25, 25-40 and 40-60 years both for males and females separately.
       The selected player of this championship will represent Haryana State in the 35th National Yoga Championship being organized by Yoga Federation of India from December 4 to 7 at Goa.
   Haryana Governor Jagannath Pahadia  will inaugurate the Championship on October 8 at 11.00 a.m. and Speaker Harmohinder Singh Chattha will the chief guest at the prize distribution ceremony on October 10 at 11.00 a.m.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Xavier’s Panchukla and DPS Pinjore champs

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)

St Xavier’s School of Panchkula and Delhi Public School, Pinjore won the under-10 and under-15 titles, respectively, in the second DPS Pinjoore Six-A-Side Football Tournament organized by Yuva Sports Club played in Pinjore today.
In the under-10 final, St Xavier’s defeated Delhi Public School of Pinjore by 2-0. Rohan and Bhavishhya scored in the 10th and 23rd minutes, respectively, as St Xavier’s emerged champions.
However, DPS Pinjore claimed the under-15 title as the expense of St Xavier’s School, Panchkula by a solitary goal netted by Chander Prakash in the 18th minute.
Director, Business Development ICL Group of Colleges Ambala Col J S Virk distributed the prizes. Principal of DPS Pinjore Masih was the guest of honour.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

DPS Pinjore and St Xavier’s Pkl record wins

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by Haryananewswire (Balbir)
A and B teams of Delhi Public School, Pinjore recorded victories in the under-15 matches in the DPS Pinjore Six-A-Side Football Tournament being organized by Yuva Sports Club in Pinjore today.
DPS A prevailed over Vivek International by 2-1. It was Vivek International who shot into the lead through a second minute goal scored by Vivek. Sumit restored parity in the sixth minute and Rohit Malik snatched the match-winner for DPS A in the 28th minute.
St. Xavier’s A (Panchkula) eked out a narrow 1-0 win over Saupin’s School of Panchkula. The all-important goal was scored by Ratinder Singh in 17th minute.
In another match DPS B had a smooth sailing against St Xavier’s B of Panchkula by 3-1. St Xavier’s B scored through Karan (5th minute), Debangshu Ghosh (12th) and Chander Prakash (20th).
For St. Xavier’s, Ratinder reduced the margin in 7th minute.
Vivek International School defeated Holy Child by 2-1. Vivek’s goal-getters were Manish (4th) and Vaibhav (12th).  For Holy Child, Sonu was the scorer.
In the under-10 category, DPS Pinjore B team beat St Xavier’s B team of Panchkula by a goal scored  by Yash Jain in 10th minute.
DPS Pinjore (A) edged out Saupin’s School of Panchkula by 1-0. Ketan scored the match winner in the 12th minute.           
St Xavier’s School Panchkula Principal George Shear inaugurated the tournament.
Principal of DPS Pinjore Samson Masih was also present on the occasion.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Haryana Government transfers 40 DSPs

The Haryana Government has transferred the following 40 Deputy Superintendent of Police with immediate effect. 
Name of the officers S/Shri

Hukam Singh, HPS
Addl. SP/ Palwal
Addl. SP/HPA Madhuban
Sajjan Singh, HPS
Addl. SP/Sirsa
Addl. SP/SVB Hisar.
Vikas Dhankhar, HPS
Asstt.Comdt. 2nd IRB
Addl. SP/Rohtak
Kirat Pal Singh, HPS
DSP/2nd IRB Bhondsi
DSP/Indri (Karnal)
Dalbir Singh, HPS
DSP/Hqr. Rohtak
ACP/DLF Gurgaon
Vice Sr.No. 6
Sumit Kumar, HPS
ACP/DLF Gurgaon
DSP/Hqrs. Rohtak
Vice Sr.No. 5
Tula Ram, HPS
Against vacancy
Kuldeep Singh, HPS
DSP/Hqrs. Kaithal
ACP/Central Faridabad
Vice Sr.No. 40
Dharambir Singh, HPS
DSP/2nd IRB Bhondsi
DSP/GRP Faridabad.
Vice Sr.No. 24
Deepak Saharan, HPS
DSP/Commando, Newal
Vice Sr.No. 21
Baljinder Singh, HPS
DSP/Detective Rohtak
DSP/Ambala Cantt.
Against vacancy
Ashok Kumar, HPS
Vice Sr.No. 13
Kushal Pal Singh, HPS
Vice Sr.No. 12
Ravinder Kumar, HPS
ACP/City Gurgaon
Against vacancy
Virender Singh, HPS
Against vacancy
Bhoop Singh, HPS
Against vacancy
Ishwar Singh, HPS
Against vacancy
Sumer Singh, HPS
ACP/City Gurgaon
Vice  Sr.No.  14
Mahavir Singh, HPS
On re-instatement 
Vice  Sr.No.  17
Dharam Singh, HPS
DSP/PTC Sunaria
DSP/2nd IRB Bhondsi
Against vacancy
Om Parkash Narwal, HPS
DSP/Commando, Newal
DSP/City  Kurukshetra
Vice  Sr.No.  38
Balbir Singh, HPS
DSP/RTC Bhondsi

Sadhu Ram, HPS

Om Parkash, HPS
DSP/GRP, Faridabad
DSP/RTC Bhondsi
Vice  Sr.No.  22
Badri Parshad, HPS
DSP/Detective, Sonipat
Vice  Sr.No.  31
Narinder Singh, HPS
On promotion
Against vacancy
Dheeraj Setia, HPS
Vice  Sr.No.  28
Inder Singh, HPS
Vice  Sr.No.  27
Rameshwar Dass, HPS
DSP/Hqrs. Ambala
Against vacancy
Ashok Kumar,HPS
On re-instatement
Vice  Sr.No.  18
Subhash Chander, HPS
DSP/Mewat at Nuh
Against vacancy
Sham Lal, HPS
Against vacancy
Dhian Singh, HPS
Home Guards Rohtak
Om Singh, HPS
Vice  Sr.No.  35
Suresh Kumar, HPS
Vice  Sr.No.  34
Suresh Chand, HPS
Vice  Sr.No.  37
Shiv Charan, HPS
Against vacancy
Ram Chander Rathee, HPS
DSP/ City Kurukshetra
Vice  Sr.No.  15
Surinder Pal Singh, HPS
DSP/City Karnal
Vice  Sr.No.  31
Tejbir Singh, HPS
ACP/Central Faridabad
ACP Manesar
Against vacancy