Friday, March 29, 2013

Creating facilities for mass IT literacy

 By Haryananewswire

 The Haryana Government has decided to establish Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited (HKCL) with a view to creating facilities for mass IT literacy throughout the state.
          A decision to this effect was taken at the Cabinet Meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda here today. Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited will be established in joint collaboration with Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) as the initiative taken up in the state of Maharashtra has proved highly successful in imparting IT skills on a mass scale through MKCL. The successful experience of Maharasthra is now proposed to be replicated in Haryana. The MKCL runs a basket of courses which are designed by the MKCL in their drive towards mass IT literacy and advanced level initiatives. Success of the MKCL initiative can be measured from the fact that it has so far (2002- 2012) imparted training and issued certificates to about eight million persons.     
          Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited is envisaged be a Public Limited Company and not a Government Company. Except the initial equity support, its operations will be self sustaining and it will be carrying out its operations without any financial support or burden on the State Government. The Company’s professional operations such as the Certification of Authorized Learning Centres, recruitment of its professional staff, and e-Learning and continuous evaluation of the learners will be completely independent. The ‘Haryana State - Certificate in Information Technology’ (HS¬CIT) and other courses will be recognized by the Board of Technical Education Haryana as all Course certificates, based on online continuous learning assessment, would be issued with due certification and recognition from the Haryana Board of Technical Education.
Established in the state of Maharashtra in the year 2001-02, the MKCL has been carrying out its operations in the state since April 2002. The MKCL has been promoted by the Department of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra, and 10 Universities in Maharashtra. It is a Public Limited Company managed by its Board of Directors. MKCL is not a Public Sector Company and is completely free from any direct or indirect government controls. The MKCL has been carrying out its operations without any government funding support, except the initial promoter equity. MKCL has paid off dividends and Certification fees amounting to more than Rs. 100 crore to its promoting agencies including the Government of Maharashtra.
The MKCL carries out its operations through a network of about 5000 Authorised Learning Centres (ALCs) set up throughout the state following a private enterprise business model. The “Maharasthra State - Certificate in Information Technology” (MS-CIT) course, which is the basic learning course, has been fully designed by the MKCL and the Course content is made available to the ALCs in an online mode. The MKCL has undertaken the complete end-to¬ end responsibility for the designing of course content, graphics, on-line assessment of every learner and the system is so robust that sitting in the head office, the MKCL officials are able to see the performance of each and every student as a part of the continuous learning assessment. Assured quality of the course remains its hallmark which is why the course is widely recognized as a basic qualification across the state.
MKCL has already established identical joint collaborations in the states of Rajasthan and Orissa. It has already established close to 2000 Authorized Learning Centres (ALCs) in the state of Rajasthan. Besides, its operations have also been established overseas in Egypt, Arab, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. Having seen its working and performance in Maharashtra, the team of officers strongly recommended incorporation of an identical Public Limited Company in Haryana in joint collaboration with the MKCL.
HS-CIT would be a recognized qualification regarding computer efficiency for all Government appointments and recruitments in Groups A, B, and C services in the state government and all its Boards and Corporations. The Government would make it compulsory for all its newly recruited employees and the in-service employees to obtain the HS-CIT within the period specified.
        The other benefits of the HKCL would be that the Government can use the HKCL support for managing and running the Computer Labs in ITIs, Polytechnics, Schools, Colleges and Universities and use the facilities created therein for optimal gains. It will throw open quality IT literacy across the state at mass level and augment a computer literate public base. It will create self employment opportunities for thousands of young entrepreneurs who opt to establish the Authorized Learning Centres under the aegis of HKCL. The Government would be able to source HKCL’s capacity for implementation of a number of e-Governance initiatives at the most competitive rates in areas of proven successes.
HKCL is proposed to be incorporated as a Public Limited Company with an authorized capital of Rs five crore and a paid-up capital of Rs. 2.00 crore. Besides State Government and MKCL, the other promoters of the Corporation would be HARTRON, Technical Education Society, HSIIDC  and independent directors from among industry leaders and educationists. 

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